A Guide to Insuring Your Ambulance Camper Conversion: Exploring All Options

Embarking on the conversion of an ambulance into a camper offers an unmatched sense of adventure, but the path to getting your new recreational vehicle (RV) insured can appear a bit rocky. Insurance companies sometimes perceive these unique conversions as higher risk, but with the right strategy, you can secure the coverage you need. Here are some helpful tips for this process:

Tip 1: Consider Insuring as an RV or Motorhome

In many states, it's possible to insure your converted ambulance as an RV or motorhome, often providing a broader coverage. However, there are certain requirements to meet for your vehicle to qualify as a self-converted RV. Typically, you need at least four of the following installed: a stove, sink with plumbing, toilet, furnace, or bed. The specific rules can vary from state to state, so be sure to check your local regulations.

Tip 2: Explore Commercial Insurance

While it might sound counterintuitive, commercial insurance can be a viable and affordable option for covering your converted ambulance. In some states, it might even be your only choice. Some members of ambulance conversion Facebook groups report paying only a few hundred dollars per year for this coverage. So, don't let the term "commercial" scare you off—it could be a surprisingly economical option.

Tip 3: Combine Insurance

Several members of the Facebook Group have reported that they were able to get RV insurance for their ambo camper provided their other insurance (home, vehicle, etc) were with the same broker/company.

Document Your Conversion

Whether you opt for RV, commercial, or the Vermont option, it's crucial to document your conversion process thoroughly. This can serve as concrete evidence that the conversion was performed carefully and with due consideration to safety standards. Provide photos of each stage and maintain records of all modifications.

Professional Inspection

Another way to strengthen your case for insurance is to have your converted vehicle professionally inspected. This can validate the safety and structural integrity of your camper, providing insurers with an extra layer of reassurance.

Transparency is Key

Throughout this process, it's critical to be transparent and upfront with your insurance provider. Clearly state the extent of modifications, the intended use of the vehicle, and any other relevant information.

While finding the right insurance for your ambulance camper conversion might seem daunting, with research and patience, it is certainly achievable. The options are out there, and with the right approach, you can secure the peace of mind that your unique home-on-wheels is well protected.