Have you ever dreamed of turning an old ambulance into a cozy camper?

Or maybe you're just in the process of your conversion. Either way, there's one big thing you'll have to think about: the electrical system.

Whether you're just adding a new battery switch or redoing the whole electrical system, you'll need the right tools. With the right tools, your job will be both easier and safer. We don't want any short circuits causing fires, right?

Here are some must-have tools and supplies:

1. Multimeter

2. Wire Cutters

  • What's it for? Makes cutting wires neat and easy.
  • My Pick from Amazon: Wire Cutters

3. Wire Strippers

  • Why I love them: Ever tried to strip wires with bad tools? It's a struggle! I found an amazing wire stripper that changes size to fit the wire. It's like magic!
  • My Pick from Amazon: Wire Strippers

4. Wire Crimpers

  • What's the big deal? Good crimpers make sure wire ends don't come loose. Bad crimps can even cause fires!
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5. Heat Gun

  • What's it for? Perfect for things like heat shrink tubes in car wiring. Way better than using a lighter. Plus, you can use it to take off stickers and old paint.
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Supplies You'll Need:

1. Heat Shrink Solder Seal Connectors - Super for joining a few wires. They're strong, simple, and keep out the rain. But, if you have lots of wires, you might want something faster. Link from Amazon

2. Heat Shrink Crimp Connectors - These are top-notch because they're fast and safe. Link from Amazon

3. Heat Shrink Tubing Link from Amazon

4. Zip Ties - Perfect for keeping wires tidy and for many other jobs. Link from Amazon

5. Bonus tool if you have lots of wires to organize. Get zip tie gun to better tighten the zip ties and automatically trim them.
Link from Amazon

Remember, the right tools make all the difference! So, if you're turning that ambulance into your dream camper, make sure you have these essentials in your toolbox.

Happy camping!